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One of our team will get in touch to guide you through the planning process and tailor a package that’s just right for you. Need some inspiration? Have a look at what we do for Weddings, School Balls and Corporate Events, and check out all the Lighting and effects we can bring to the party. Looking forward to getting started!

Sounzgood DJ Entertainment


  1. A non-refundable retainer of 20% is required to secure your booking. In the event of cancellation or postponement by the hirer, written notice 90 days prior to the event date must be given. Where less than 90 days notice is given the full fee will be payable. The remaining balance is payable anytime prior, but due 7 days before the wedding date. All payments to Sounzgood DJ Entertainment shall be made in cash, credit card or by bank deposit using the hirers name and date of wedding for reference (ANZ Bank, Hamilton 06 0317 0543871 00) The booking total of this online contract includes GST of 15%

  2. No accommodation required for driving times of up to 4 hours one way. Travel is Free with the all day and premier dj experiences, 125km of return travel is included with the reception only package. Travel expenses beyond 125km are calculated at $0.69 per km from our Hamilton office to your venue.

  3. The hirer shall be responsible for safe and workable conditions for the DJ, their equipment and vehicle, and shall also take all necessary precautions to ensure such conditions. Hirer agrees to accept full liability for loss or damage to any property belonging to Sounzgood DJ Entertainment and its employees that is caused by his/her guests, contractors or vendors. Should any damage occur Sounzgood DJ Entertainment reserves the right to seek recompense.

  4. Hirer agrees to accept complete liability for all claims of personal injury or property damage arising from the Engagement noted herein and hold Sounzgood DJ Entertainment harmless in all such cases, except when caused by an employee/agent of Sounzgood DJ Entertainment.

  5. The hirer grants Sounzgood DJ Entertainment unconditional release for the use of their name(s), photographs,  and/or video recordings taken herein-described Engagement for the purpose of Sounzgood DJ Entertainment advertising or Promotion. Sounzgood DJ Entertainment agrees to any temporary hirer conditions relating to social network sharing on the day of the wedding and/or until the hirer has posted themselves.

  6. It is agreed that Sounzgood DJ Entertainment maintains this agreement as an independent contractor and is not an employee of the hirer. Our staff have no special dietary requirements and would appreciate being included for a meal and non-alcoholic drinks when their performance time is more than 6 hours. If your venue requires you to pay an additional fee for vendor meals please let us know.

  7. The average set up time for sound and photo booth (if applicable) takes approximately 45mins; we require 1.5 hours of time prior to the DJs performance or the time of your ceremony for the all day and premier experiences. For extensive lighting set ups this may require more time. Space for equipment is approximately 2M x 3M performance area, and access to a suitable power point within 10M of the performance area is required.

  8. It is agreed that any person accepting these terms and conditions for or on behalf of the hirer warrants the authority to do so and accepts personal liability for the payment of all monies according to the terms of this contract. Late payments may incur collection costs and interest penalties payable by the hirer.