Our Smartphone APP

The easiest way to make sure all your favourite jams are played

Song Requests Made Easy

Got a list of song requests? No problem! That’s why we give you and all your guests an easy way to request songs with our music planning app. We’ll then seamlessly integrate the most popular song requests into the mix at your party. Our seasoned pros + your great taste in music… we can’t wait!


Sounzgood DJs and Vibo team up to bring you this one of a kind smart phone app to make it super easy to plan song lists and create specific playlists. Our DJ’s will set you up with invitation via text to join. From there you can edit the event and easily invite guests. Under the music section, create playlists, view suggestions and organise a timeline for the music. Find the best tracks and jams easily by choosing from a music genre, era or simply import a playlist from Spotify or search from Youtube. Add in your music requests and even organise songs you actually do not want to play. Take full control of your beats, tracks and jams with our Vibo music app.

USING THE App For Planning Your Wedding Music

Make sure your favourite songs are playing for the key moments of your day. Add in songs from Spotify or choose from a wide song selection on the app. Share the list with your bridal party or best friends so they can have their say! Set up multiple playlists that our DJ’s will seamlessly mix into your wedding music.

  • Ceremony Playlist
  • Cocktail Music
  • Reception Party Requests
  • First Dance

Our DJ’s will send you an invitation via text to get started with the app. 

USING THE APP FOR Your event or School Ball

Make music selection a breeze. Your event planners or ball committee can easily create and update music list and invite guests to request or vote on their favorite songs. Our DJ’s will send you an invitation code via text to connect with the app.

Download the app after text invite only