360 Booth hire

Let your guests capture the craziest moments on 360 video.

360 Booth

The one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping 360 Photo Booth will transform you and your guests into celebrities. Wow sums up the event in every way! Our 360 photo booth is a show-stopping extravaganza that allows guests to watch, participate in, and instantly share their recordings on their phones and favourite social platforms.

360 Video Booth Set Up with Lights and

How Does The 360 Video Booth work?

1. Get your pose on

Get creative and position yourself on the circular platform stage.

2. Record Video

Get ready and record a slow motion video with the rotating gopro camera.

3. Share to social

Easily save and share to your social accounts.

What's Included?

Text & Email video messaging

Send your slow motion 360 video in a text or email as soon as you've captured it, and you'll be sharing it in no time.

Video Capture Assistant

Having a professionally trained staff member to setup, assist and supervise makes everything go super smooth!

Slow Motion Videos

Capture incredible high-res slow motion videos in a matter of seconds ready to share instantly online.

Customised Overlay

Each 360 booth comes with an epic video overlay customised to match your celebration.

Sharing Feature

Share your 360 slow-mo video recording easily, at any time using the provided sharing stations. Airdrop or QR Code

Props make it fun!

We have a selection of props to use in your slow motion video captures.

360 booth Hire

Memorable video moments shared instantly to capture your wedding reception fun. 

360 Booth Hire
FOR School Balls

Students are dressed to impressed and with instant videos to share online from the ball You can look back and relive each moment in the future.

360 Booth Hire

Ever seen the boss pull a funny face? Personalise your event with a custom logo and instant video sharing. Staff and managers will enjoy the fun!

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